So, this Easter break I was lucky enough to take a few days with my boyfriend to visit the home of Freia chocolate, fjords and SO many Teslas (like seriously JEEZ)… NORWAY! Truthfully, my knowledge before visiting the country was pretty limited, but I was extremely excited to check out all the beautiful scenery and landscapes. And it did not disappoint! Not only did we stay in a luxurious, cosy cabin for the weekend, but we also went into the city of Oslo to explore some beautiful sites and eat the most delicious food!

Our early morning flight ran smoothly and suddenly we had landed in Oslo Torp airport with very little preparation on what to do next… because we needed to get into Oslo City. We ended up getting a train that sadly did ruin our bank accounts just a tiny bit… but once we arrived in the city, our worries of money were long gone! We made it in around lunch time so were definitely ready for some food! We ended up going to a cute little vegan cafe called Funky Fresh Foods. And it was INCREDIBLE! I opted for a loaded flatbread that had fried mushrooms, cream cheese, presto, artichokes and fresh vegetables on… the only way to describe it was just creamy and delicious! My boyfriend went for a vegetable burger that looked just as amazing, and it’s safe to say we demolished both our plates in a matter of minutes. As well as the flatbread, I got a green smoothie to make me feel fresh after such a long morning and journey. They also had vegan cinnabon pieces you could taste that we maaay have pinched more than one of (there were many convenient toilet trips to grab another piece). Afterwards, we had a little walk around to take in the beautiful city. One of my favourite things about Oslo are how stunning and spaced out the buildings are. In England, you’re lucky if your house is a metre away from your neighbours… and here Norway are having a whole PLOT of land in between their homes.

As I said earlier, we were staying in a cabin. It was on the island of Nessoden which meant we had to get a ferry and a bus to it, leading to ANOTHER thing I loved about Oslo… their public transport system! Everything was so orderly and organised! We weren’t waiting around or getting lost! It was so refreshing when you’re used to the transport in England; cancellations and waiting for over an hour for a train was something I was getting used to… So, we arrived onto the island in good time and found the cabin nice and easily!

It was beautiful and cosy, perfect for a couples weekend! They had an ELECTRIC toilet which was mind-blowing! You’d do your business in a paper bag in the toilet, and then when you went to flush it, it would burn! It was all very eco-friendly which made it even more comforting. The only small issue we had was my 6″6 boyfriend getting into the bedroom which was up a ladder on a floor that was very close to the ceiling. It was a tough experience for him to say the least.

The next day we decided to be a bit lazy in the morning. That’s the thing about staying in a cosy cabin; you just don’t want to leave! So we ended up having a morning to nap and headed back into Oslo City for lunch! We ate at an Asian restaurant called Asia, a two minute walk away from the Aker Brygge ferry port. I ended up having the forest bao bun along with sharing prawn crackers and aubergine fries (aka the most amazing things on the planet). As someone who would get terrified at ordering a main meal for a main meal (aka as someone who used to not eat substantially and would be terrified of an actual PLATEFUL of food), let alone with sides and starters, I honestly never felt more happy with how far I’ve come. We hadn’t had an intensely active day which at times would definitely make my eating disorder louder in my head, but that day I was just focusing on the progress and ignoring the guilt. Now, I had never had a bao bun before so didn’t really know what to expect, but I am so glad I took the risk! They were insane. It was like eating a delicious soft pillow (okay weird analogy but you get my point). It was full of mushrooms, tofu and sprouts. I have an obsession with mushrooms, and tofu always reminds me of my trip to Thailand, so I was most definitely in my happy place.

With our tummies full and minds at peace, we headed to the Opera House in the evening to watch the Ballet! This was my Birthday present from my boyfriend and I was excited ever since I knew about it! It was the premiere of Baroque Movement and quite truthfully, we weren’t entiiirely sure what was going on most of the time; I enjoy watching the Ballet, but if you asked me what the themes or story lines were, I would have no answer. The show was split into four performances by four choreographers, and each performance was very diverse and different. I adored watching them all, even if we had no clue what the dances were actually about. The dancers were all incredible and every move was stunning. Plus, we got free macaroons before the show started so that made the night 100x better! My boyfriend had never had a macaroon before the night so after one, he was smuggling them left right and centre! After the show, we tried to recreate some of the moves on the walk back to the ferry port and it was a shocking site… my boyfriend and I were sadly not made to dance…

We got up early for our last full day, and decided we would head into town and grab a waffle. We ended up going to Haralds Waffle that reviews claimed sold “the BEST waffles in Oslo!”… they were not wrong. I had a vegan chickpea one with hummus on top and it was AMAZING! Writing about it makes me want to have another…

We then went to grab hot chocolates at Cocoa, a funky little cafe that had a heap of flavours! I opted for the milk chocolate with cream AND chocolate pieces on top (doublin’ up on the choc!), it was heavenly; I swear I was in the best chocolate coma afterwards. I tried a bit of my boyfriend’s salted caramel hot chocolate with fudge pieces on top and it was just as incredible!

After our sweet tasty treat, we set off to Frogner Park, a widespread park with loads of large and stunning statues. We spent a lot of time posing in front of them and trying to recreate the moves (a lot of them seemed ‘wrestle related’ which were a bit too much of a faff to try/I didn’t want to break my nose). I didn’t realise how BIG and lively it was gonna be; you could walk for ages!

We decided we needed our last meal in Oslo to be amazing, with a beautiful view and energetic atmosphere. Near Aker Brygge, we found Vippa a stylish, modern food warehouse with various different stalls to choose your meal from. Everything about the place was fresh and exciting, and there was outside seating so you could look out at the sea. My boyfriend and I got curries and honestly, it may have been one of the best veggie curries I have ever had. Not to be dramatic, but I would die for that curry (okay maybe a tad dramatic)… We sat outside in the sun and looked across at the glistening sea as we ate our food. My boyfriend got us a couple of ciders to enjoy too and we realised that we had definitely peaked. There was nothing that could make it better. Once again I was getting that whole Everything is going to be okay vibe as I sat there: the one I always get when I’m at peace in a different country in such a calming and beautiful setting. Having another trip of trying new foods and silencing the criticising voices in your head that tell you you don’t deserve the foods your enjoying reminded me that recovery is worth it.

We had to leave the cabin the next morning, having an emotional goodbye to the cosy little place and to the dog as we walked off. It has been wonderful having a trip that has almost been at the opposite end of the scale to my Paris trip – it was a lot more relaxed and laid back; we didn’t feel the necessity to go and explore every significant landmark or do everything possible. It was a lovely relaxing little city break, and I would go back to Norway in a heartbeat.

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