I started 2019 off right: cuddling a dog (which is obviously the MAIN thing I’m bringing into 2019) and drinking lots of cider.

When we transition into a new year, I think it’s easy to focus on what we haven’t succeeded in, creating resolutions on things we need to start or do better. This makes us forget what we have achieved and should carry on with into the New Year. 2018 has been chaotic, stressful, amazing and a billion other array of emotions I cannot even express, and there are many incredible things I have done which I want to acknowledge and bring with me into this exciting 2019!

    As I’ve mentioned many times, 2018 was the year I finally reached out for professional help and started recovery from my eating disorder. I think back to myself at the start of that year: categorising my foods, feeling awfully guilty if I ate something I deemed “bad”, constantly trying to justify and “make up” for everything I ate. I was so miserable.
    But with baby steps, I started to get my health back. I am so thankful to my family and people close to me who supported and helped me to reach out and get help. Also to my therapist for making this process so much more calming, helping me to understand my values that are way more important than losing weight or having “control”. I want to continue to focus on my mental health and taking care of myself, striving to stick to recovery and talk to people around me if I’m struggling.
    In September, I moved two hours away to a beautiful city to start University. It’s been an amazing experience so far; I love my friends and housemates, the course is interesting and I’m doing well. It was a challenge transitioning into this new environment, especially after struggling so badly earlier in 2018 (and also being out of full time education for a year), but I am so grateful I have been able to go. I have taken part in many new and exciting experiences, venturing out of my comfort zone and meeting wonderful people on the way. I want to continue to take part in all the things University has to offer that I enjoy, but still be aware of my own health and not overdoing it. It’s okay to take breaks when needed.
    Although there is definitely more recognition of mental health issues and people opening up about their experiences, there is still a lot of stigma surrounding it. Social media is both a blessing and a curse; it gives people the ability to speak up about anything, but, also, it gives people the ability to speak up about anything…
    I’ve read many harmful misconceptions and just bullshit about eating disorders and mental health in general. I want to continue to use this blog to share my experiences and educate people, also hopefully inspire and help in any way I can. Mental Health is valid. Its illnesses affect 1 in 4 adults. It needs to be acknowledged and treated as significantly as physical health is. It is linked to physical health; they’re connected and it’s so important to constantly check up on your own well-being and not simply dismiss negative or worrying feelings.
    Along with using this blog, my University also offers volunteering experiences to actually teach about mental health in secondary schools. I am excited to started that this term too!

In conclusion (because apparently this is an English essay), 2018 has been crazy, with both great highs and just some awful lows. But I am proud of how far I have come and am excited to keep striving and doing my best through 2019.

I wish everyone reading this happiness and healthiness through the year!

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