Last week I was lucky enough to take a few days with my friend to visit the gorgeous, archaic and fascinating city of York! It is one of my favourite cities, and soon to be my home (!!!) which just makes the whole place even more exciting and wonderful! So, before I pack my bags and settle down there for the next 3 years, we went on a tourist-y adventure!

We arrived around Midday, heavy suitcases not being the best idea as we walked through the cobbled streets…

Not being able to check in until just after 2pm, we decided to grab lunch at the cutest cafe ever called “Burr” before we had a little nosy around the shops. This resulted in us finding 4, yes FOUR Harry Potter shops!! One of the biggest ones (“The Shop That Must Not Be Named”) even had a queue outside it (& you best your ass we joined it!) I’m a tad late to the HP hype, only actually getting really into the whole wizardry world last year… but nonetheless, I was still desperate to buy as much as I could (& as a proud Gryffindor, there were certainly a lot of options for me!) York is definitely a place to check out if you love the series as much as I do!!

After an awkward bus journey to the hotel (in which my friend accidentally pressed the disabled alarm button instead of the stop button…) to drop our bags off and check in, we decided to then head to the Railway Museum! Filled with a wonderful archaic vibe, it was so fascinating to explore old trains and see how they’ve advanced. There was also an incredibly creepy Japanese Bullet train called Shinkansen that felt like being in an abandoned airplane – spooky stuff!! We even got to use the coin press after one of the lovely workers gave us £1 to do it!

And from a long day of travelling and exploring, we were in bed by about 9pm…

We decided to visit Harrogate the next day, taking a train from York station and arriving in a light shower… wearing crop tops and dungaree dresses, let’s just say we did not dress appropriately at all! We wandered aimlessly for a little bit and somehow found our way into the town centre. We spent a short amount of time exploring a perfect little shopping area and helping my friend find a birthday present for her mum (shout-out to Primark for all their Disney PJ’s!).

We then went to one of the most popular tourist attractions… BETTY’S TEA ROOM!! Luckily, we didn’t have to queue up for too long, managing to grab a seat after no more than 10 minutes! We tried to go to the one in York the day before, but it was so busy that we couldn’t even see the end of the queue! Thank god for Harrogate!

Now, I know that this place prides itself in its cakes, so I ordered a Swiss Chocolate Torte (& a cuppa)- Obviously something that wasn’t easily chosen, but hey, what’s the point of going somewhere if you’re not going to try what it’s famous for? What’s the point of just having an overpriced tasteless nothing when I could be devouring an amazing bake??

And it was one of the most delicious cakes I have ever had. It was creamy and rich and literally just INCREDIBLE. We realised there was nothing else Harrogate could offer as incredible as that cake, so we were back by the early evening and, you guessed it, went straight to bed.

We spent the morning of our last day at York’s Chocolate Story, discovering the history of all our favourite treats! It was fun, interactive AND we got to taste a variety of chocolates, even making our own white chocolate lollies!! Chocolate for breakfast? Yes please!

After the joyful, exciting treat tasting, we took a bit of a drastic turn and went to the York Dungeons!!! Funny, lively and a tad scare-jumpey, it was a brilliant experience!! We were very strategic in where we stood to avoid any audience participation, propping ourselves right in the middle of the huddled, trembling group (or maybe that was just us…) yet still felt fully involved in the experience! Whether you’re fearless or, like me, a bit of a wuss, it is definitely worth checking out! It was a spooky and comedic end to our fab trip!!

So, that was my mine and my Friend’s fascinating, active trip to York! It has made me even more excited to study there next month! Filled with lovely independent cafes, fun tourist attractions AND all year round Christmas shops (definitely going to apply for a part time job there), I’m so happy that I will get to live in such an amazing city! Taking a trip there has motivated me to focus on getting better so I can make the most out of my Uni experience!


  1. Foxxy Fay says:

    That seems like an amazing experience! Definitely made me wanna heck York out! I grew up with Harry Potter, so that would be super exciting! I hope they have vegan options over there so I can try them too! I’m so glad you had fun. I hope you get a part time job at a lovely place!


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