I’m awful at introductions; I tend to just awkwardly smile and wave… which is slightly difficult to do online. So I guess I‘ll try my best to write a good beginning post with actual words…

So Hi! I’m Abi. I’m Eighteen years old from the UK and I am currently taking a gap year before I go off to University in 2018 (scary to think about!). Throughout this year, I have a month long trip to Thailand planned, a messy brain that I need to deal with, and some creative writing to do! So voila! I thought I may as well express this journey on here in hopes to help others and maybe even provide some entertainment!

I am also very interested in discussion, wanting to explore topics like mental health and significant issues in society. So I would absolutely love to hear from people with opinions on what I bring up! I want to use this blog to broaden my knowledge and grow as a person (as incredible cheesy as that sounds).

However, I am also incredibly indecisive, meaning I will probably start writing about other random topics and discussions that I find useful at the time. So there’s not a lot you can really expect! Your guess is as good as mine.

I’m going to try my best to post regularly, knowing how therapeutic I find writing to be. In the words of one of my favourite authors Ray Bradbury, “You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you.” So hey, let’s use this slightly healthier coping mechanism to get me through my dream-like, tiring life!

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